LaLuna Limited Is More

Laluna Limited is an online second hand shop. All items are specifically and carefully selected by Laluna Limited just to make it so much easier for you to shop second hand.

To often we have heard that people cannot find anything in the second hand shops. So that’s why we found it for you and now it is just a click away.  We hope that our website will inspire you and your unique and personal style.

What we do?

What we are giving used clothing new life by spicing it up with our unique finding. All our clothing is second hand selected and handpicked from different places in the world.

We love second hand and all our clothing is washed and cleaned before selling, so we make sure it is almost like receiving a completely new item unique item.

We couldn’t care less about brands and that is also why most of our items are tagged with “ Lalunadontcare” as we focus more of how the items are spiced up instead of just searching for a specific brand. What makes us unique is our way to care less about this and more about comfort, quality and matching different and colorful sets so all clothing get a second change.

While second hand Shopping you have to remember

We encourage you to try to have a look at our website and see if there is anything that you just cannot live without. We also encourage to be openminded about the size, color, brand, composition and shape, as we have experienced that second hand shopping is a creative world and we hope to encourage and inspire for that.

While shopping have in mind your own closet and try to imagine what would go with your old skirt that you haven’t worn for ages because you never know what would be good with it.

Women behind LaLuna Limited

LaLuna Limited is driven by two women Diana and Josefine, who has always been much into second hand. We love how finding some unique items is like treasure hunting and we love the frill of finding something amazing and have the opportunity to now share it with you.

We hope that by our LaLuna Limited Unique Universe you will feel inspired to shop second hand. We share all of our experiences with second hand shopping at our Instagram profile @lalunalimited. We do this to make it easier for you to do the same and always choose second hand without the feeling of comprising with anything.

Contact us

If we didn’t manage to tell you what you were searching for then don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our universe.

Love from

Diana & Josefine

LaLuna Limited